Ruqya Support Page

Asalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.

This is a support page for people who need help and support in dealing with their afflictions. You’re not alone in feeling like this. Many people struggle to cope at one point or another and going through a range of emotions during this time is common. Sometimes speaking to someone else you trust or being part of a support group can help you at this time and help you stay positive, move forward and make good steps towards overcoming your current state of affairs.

Self-Ruqya Challenge

On Saturday 28th January 2016, Abu Nadeer gave a talk to the public on how to deal with their different type of afflictions in a constructive way. He mentioned the need to take a grip of your life, how to deal with your affliction with steps that are realistic and achievable and how to also help others.

Much comfort was taken from the Verses of Allah (SWT), the Ahadeeth of the Prophet (PBUH) and stories of the Prophets and Sahaba to show how we should address our afflictions. During the talk, he started a challenge which was going to start on social media called the Self-Ruqya Challenge. So join us and together let’s beat the affliction by motivating & encouraging everyone to take part.

Every week on our social media, posts will be sent out setting a specific challenge for all to do. Once you’ve taken part, please share your feedback and comments on the page to let others know what you went through. This will help you and also help motivate and inspire others.