In this section, we will highlight the different signs and symptoms that can be experienced due to suffering from the following types of spiritual afflictions:

Evil Eye & Envy (Ayn & Hasad)

Black Magic (Sihr)

Jinn Possession (Mas)

We hope and aim that listing these signs and symptoms will help benefit and ensure that both raaqis/practitioners and individuals alike are better equipped and able to diagnose themselves and others more accurately and correctly. Thus avoiding chances of misdiagnosis. Since, many times we come across people who have been misdiagnosed and as a result have not seen much improvement in their situation.

Therefore, understanding and knowing the different signs and symptoms of the types of affliction is extremely important, so that the right means of treatment can then be applied to effectively target and treat the problem. And indeed from Allaah alone comes the cure/shifaa.

**Please note - A person who is afflicted with any of these spiritual afflictions does not necessarily have to experience every single sign and symptom listed. It is only a guideline of things that can occur, which one can look out for. Also a person can be afflicted with more than one type of affliction - for example, someone can be afflicted with evil eye/envy and jinn possession or sihr and evil eye etc. Hence, for such a person they may experience and see an overlap of the signs and symptoms across the different categories.


  • Constant yawning without wanting sleep
  • Constant burping without eating
  • Increases when listening to or reading Quran
  • Itching begins when person carries out an act for which the evil eye has been given, for example if the evil eye has been given because of a person wealth, they will start itching when they come into contact with money
  • Appearance of spots and boils on the person’s body
  • Hot and could flushes for no reason
  • Tight chested
  • Tiredness, Laziness
  • Insomnia
  • Waswasah
  • Putting on weight without necessarily eating more
  • Some cases of Cancer
  • Some cases of Psychological conditions such as delusion and fear
  • Forgetfulness and sleepiness while doing studying, reading Quran or going to school etc
  • Headaches
  • Allergic, rhinitis and sinusitis
  • Sneezing a lot without for no reason
  • Cold, flu
  • Hair Loss
  • Darkening under the eyes
  • Becoming pale
  • Permanent headaches
  • Spots under the skin
  • Pains at the mouth of the stomach which doctors cannot explain
  • The desire to get out of the house or hatred in staying in
  • The feeling of death and despair
  • To see dead people in your sleep, or lizard or cats
  • To see people who have given you the evil eye looking at you in a strange and scary way
  • Physical ailments which doctors cannot explain, and going from one problem to another
  • Seeing ants in the house
  • Children crying constantly for no reason


Experienced when awake:

  • A person complaining of being unable to interact with their spouse
  • feeling extreme hatred towards their spouse
  • sexual problems such as incompletion of sexual intercourse
  • Someone may find it difficult to marry although there would be no obvious indication as to why they cannot.
  • Inability to reconcile a marriage (a person’s family may also be affected by magic in this scenario)
  • Finding objects which magic are used upon in the home or car like a Taweez (within which you find a talsam i.e. patterns).
  • Beads
  • Strange shaped stones
  • Unusual dust or powder such as flour scattered inside or outside the home
  • Pins and needles that are poked into the furniture or around the home
  • Holes that have been cut out of peoples garments
  • Clothes that have been missing and then found again
  • Finding clothes that have been stained with the likes of blood
  • Finding strange scary objects and smells in the bathroom
  • Symbols carved inside or outside the home
  • Seeing water or liquid sprinkled outside the home by the doorway or over the doorstep
  • Broken eggs on the doorstep
  • Cats that have been slaughtered
  • Nails that have been nailed into the door
  • Being extremely volatile
  • Always changing plans
  • Anger occurring for small things
  • Crying for no reason
  • Staying away from deen
  • No focus in prayer
  • Abandoning the Quran
  • Tendency towards sin
  • Eyes appearing as if has been taking drugs
  • Vomiting or feeling the want to vomit
  • Blood pouring out of the mouth without a medical reason
  • Continuous bleeding for women
  • Repeated miscarriage
  • Divorce and re-marrying between a husband and wife for no reason
  • Receiving threats from close family members such as them not getting married, or getting a job or threats that they will separate you from your children, husband/wife and then find those threats come to pass.
  • Going to a magician and drinking their water or inhaling their bukhoor
  • Constant headaches and feeling pain in the stomach
  • Wanting to vomit when going to the sea, when wind is blowing or walking by graves

Experienced when asleep during the period of seeking Ruqya:

  • Constant dreaming
  • Restless sleeping, frequent movement and strange noises as moaning and groaning or laughing and crying.
  • A vision of a magician i.e. witch doctor or an evil man or woman
  • Seeing the jinn threatening the patient to stop following the treatment.
  • To see in the dream that the magic ”sihr” has been renewed by means of drinking or eating and finding the taste of the substance of the drink or food when one wakes up.

Signs of Jinn Possession

The following information gives insight into the different signs of jinn possession that can be found in a person:

  • Attitude towards the religion
  • Physical & Mental Health
  • Behavior and Personality
  • and signs found in the home

* Note – A person who is possessed by Jinn does not necessarily have to experience every single sign listed below. It is only a guideline of things that occurs with jinn possession that one can look out for.

Attitude towards the religion

  • The possessed person can be seen turning away from the religion, in particularly from acts of worship, obedience and the remembrance of Allah.
  • Notice if they suddenly have an aversion to Islam, Qur’an and other religious items. They may be a person who normally goes to the masjid but suddenly despises the thought.
  • Look for destructiveness on the part of the person, especially if that destruction is of the Qur’an and other religious items etc.

Physical & Mental Health

  • Seizures (with no medical cause).
  • Paralysis of a limb (with no medical cause).
  • Constant headache with no medical cause, which is not eased by painkillers.
  • Irregular menstruation in women.
  • Sudden weight loss or gain
  • The person may suddenly become cold while the temperature remains constant. A thermometer may record a one to two degree drop in that person.
  • Changes in sleep patterns.
  • The person may experience severe nightmares or night terrors.
  • They may seem to have blackouts in their memory.
  • The person may start to self-harm/mutilate or have a desire to do so.
  • Depression – the symptoms of depression that the possessed person may experience includes: feeling distressed and sad, loss of appetite, lack of focus, forgetfulness, Sleep disturbances, weight loss and lack of sexual desire.

It is also important to note here, that the Jinn can attack a person psychologically, physically and sexually.

  • Psychological attacks. The Jinn know your weaknesses and will try to exploit them. Someone who feels ashamed about something will have an increase in that emotion. The same is true for depression, anxiety and anything else you can think of.
  • Physical attacks. It might be in the form of punching, scratching, biting, hair pulling, etc.
  • Sexual assaults. This can run the extent from fondling to actual penetration and can occur in males as well as females.

Behaviour and Personality

  • Changes in behavior and personality. This is usually seen when the person is sociable and suddenly becomes extremely quiet.
  • Someone who is normally very active suddenly becomes isolative.
  • Being quick to get angry or weep with no apparent cause.
  • Erratic behaviour in one’s words, deeds and movements.
  • Someone who begins cursing a lot when that is out of character for them.
  • They may become hostile, violent and threatening for no reason.
  • They often attempt to hurt animals.
  • They may seem to have multiple personalities.
  • Sudden interest in occult materials
  • Look for changes in the way the person dresses.
  • Sitting in the toilet for a long time, and talking to oneself.
  • They may perform acts of humiliation, such as urinating on themselves etc.
  • They may be sexually pre-occupied.
  • Excessive masturbation or doing it in front of others.
  • Observe their personal hygiene and look for changes.
  • Look for unusual changes in diet. Foods that were once favorites may now be repulsive to the person. They may eat foods that they once detested.

Signs of Jinn possession found in the home

As well as possessing the body of a person, the Jinn can also interfere and intimidate the person around the house.

  • Objects move around seemingly by themselves.
  • Objects may disappear and not be found again.
  • Objects may disappear and be found in another location.
  • Objects may disappear and later be found where they originally were.
  • Objects may come from nowhere.
  • Objects fly around as if they were thrown from unseen hands.
  • Knocking, banging or pounding may be heard throughout the house or in just one room.
  • Religious articles disappear or are destroyed or may also be desecrated.
  • There may be knocks at the door but no one is ever there.
  • Growling may be heard but the source cannot be located.
  • There may be scratching sounds heard without an obvious source.
  • There may be foul odors that have no verifiable source, that may come and go.
  • Heavy furniture may move on its own.
  • Doors and drawers may open and close on their own.
  • Electrical appliances may turn on or off.
  • Spontaneous fires may start up.
  • Glass may break for no reason.
  • Sounds of glass breaking may be heard but there is no evidence of it happening.
  • There may be sudden temperature changes, up and down although it is usually down. These can be recorded on a thermometer.
  • There may be a sensation of wind blowing even with the windows closed.
  • Odd lights may be seen; it may shoot around a room.
  • Lights will go off or not come on when turned on.
  • There may be sightings of people or dark shadows that may or may not have form.
  • Odd-looking creatures may be seen.
  • People may have a feeling of being watched or that they are not alone.
  • People may hear voices when no one is present.
  • People will often hear their name called only to find that no one is around. Sometimes, a couple will each think they heard the other call to them.
  • Levitation of objects or people.
  • Any talk about Allah and Islam/religion may cause an outbreak of paranormal activity.
  • Activity starts up when reciting and listening to Quran, adhaan and making dua etc.
  • Apparent retaliation if a Raqi has been to the home.
  • Apparent retaliation after some attempt to stop the activity.

The following signs can occur both at home and outside the home:

  • Animals may become spooked and stay away from the targeted person altogether.
  • Animals may growl at something they see but you do not.