Controlling Feelings & Emotions

Hate - Anger - Love - Fear

All these emotions stem from the heart and are felt by man, jinn and even animals. However, depending on the situation and circumstance, these emotions and feelings can sometimes create good qualities and actions but on the other hand, if left uncontrolled these same feelings can also lead to bad and disliked outcomes.

Now how does this affect a person who is afflicted and possessed?

To answer this question let us use the emotion/feeling of 'hate'. So for example you have this feeling of hate towards a certain person perhaps due to their bad character, bad manners or their mistreatment towards you. However it is important here to understand that the jinn possessing you can also share that same feeling you have towards that person. That then leads to your feelings of hate towards this particular person become more apparent and more exaggerated than what is to be controlled or even acceptable.

Therefore, it is extremely important that we train our selves to suppress and control these different types of emotions and feelings and not display them in certain circumstances and situations that are not right or good for us to do so. Similarly, as we learn to have control within the ruqya sessions we must also learn to apply and adapt this in our everyday life so that we are in control verbally, mentally, physically and emotionally.

So observe your emotions and be critical with your self and ask your self, if manifesting and displaying these emotions that you are feeling right now, is the right thing to do. And no we are not saying that you should suppress your feelings at every occasion. No. Instead you should use hikmah/wisdom with regards to your emotions & feelings. And to use wisdom means to put everything in its rightful place. This can applied to everything - from your actions to your speech to your silence to your emotions etc. Therefore your feelings of love towards your family is something that shouldn't be suppressed rather showing it to them, is you putting that emotion in its rightful place as it is something recommended and pleased by Allaah.

However as discussed above displaying certain emotions at certain situations & circumstances isn't the right thing to do. Regardless if we feel that it is from the jinn or us. And with such feelings we should not entertain it within ourselves or display it outside to others. Instead we should conceal it in our hearts by treating it like the awrah of the heart. And it is said that Taqwa conceals the awrah of the heart. So seek the means of increasing taqwa and let it strengthen and conceal the heart against all types of harm.

May Allaah increase us all in taqwa, guidance & steadfastness and may He give us the ability to have full control over ourselves, aameen.