Demon Possession on Holiday

(This is a story of a patient who was receiving ruqyah with us. He was suffering from a severe affliction which he initially thought was due to Sihr. He is a young man who was quite successful financially and had everything going for him. Allah is the best of planners and despite all the trials that befell him, by the Grace and Mercy of Allah He embraced Islam. We ask Allah to grant him complete shifa' and keep him steadfast on the deen ameen.)
A brother was in Thailand before becoming a muslim. While there and getting mixed up with jahaliyyah, he met a girl who liked him and insisted he come to her house. When they went there, the family of the girl was present along with some friends. This was unexpected for the brother whose story is being narrated. The brother was offered food and drink which was prepared for him. While or after drinking the girl brought a black cat and threw it on his lap. The brother felt uncomfortable after this and left. However he felt something jump into him when the cat was placed on to him. His contact with the girl lessened although he felt he was in love with her and could do anything for her. However, he didn’t feel the same again in his life from this point onwards.
When questioned by the raqi about his life before Thailand, he mentioned he was walking past a pub in England and saw a black dog which made him really uncomfortable and walked into the dark. However a few weeks later he shrugged this off. Again a few weeks later he saw a black cat on a window ledge which was looking at him and this made him feel really uncomfortable and when entering his home he felt sick.
He ended up going to Thailand for a few months as a holiday but ended up staying 9 months.
After returning to the uk, his skin became more pale although he returned had just returned from holiday.
After returning from holiday, the brother felt sick and didn’t leave the house for 3 months and became unsociable. His mother was worried and started to read some chants on him from her religion (buddhism). The brother spoke to his auntie also in Thailand and she hinted to black magic being done on him. The brother also had a Moroccan friend who realised he was suffering and referred him to his mum who read Qur’an on him. The brother instantly felt relief, but after this the brother became worse to the extent of madness where he took all his money out of the bank and asked the doctors to disfigure his face. Weeks later he became a Muslim. His mother also became Muslim after some time but both lived a difficult life with each other although they were very close before.
During the ruqya session, the jinn spoke and mentioned that he entered through Envy and that his goal was to take the soul of the brother. After the session, the brother enquired more about the history of the case and mentioned that he was very popular before, wealthy, outgoing and all seemed to change.