My story 2

I was 21, I got pregnant the second time , It was a phantom pregnancy . I had all the symptoms of pregnancy in my blood and change of body but no baby could be detected in the scans . I gave birth to a full term child , I know I did , I gave birth but to nothing that I could see . I lost a lot of blood . The NHS put it down as a pregnancy that is carried due to emotions and is not real.
It took me 6 weeks after giving birth to dry up the natural procedure of milk. I was very confused , very upset , very lost with out my baby.
At time of birth the nurses were saying
"it's amazing how these pregnancies are not real but yet real" .
When the baby was born I could hear voices saying "its a boy,
It's a boy".
I never said nothing , it was to silly to express . I just remained quite .

If you ever have the time would you be able to explain what happened with me ?

Iv always wrote to over come pain,
I came across this poem I wrote 18 years ago when I lost that baby:

They may say what they wish
You are a part of me
They may say what they wish
You were blessed to me
They may say what they wish
You have rights over me
They may say what they wish
You will unite in jannah with me