Symptoms of jinn possession

Verily symptoms of jinn possession and the signs changes from one person to another. sometimes the signs very clear and no doubt it is from shayateen (devils) as mentioned in the hadith: (see footnotes)
Difficulty identifying symptoms
Most of the time the symptoms and the signs are very difficult for the one who is possessed to identify that he/she is such let alone those around him/her (i.e family and friends) particularly friends who have not known the individual prior to his/hers possession for example: a person has been possessed for ten years and he has a friend who he has known for five years clearly the person who is possessed has undergone a change in his character during that period of time, the friend who has only known him for five years would in no way see that because they became friends after that character alteration.
Some people would suffer from possession but they would not have the knowledge that they are possessed and this is from the symptoms of being possessed by a jinn for example a person might have have a persistent medically unexplained migraine but they would not know that it is a sign of jinn possession the individual would relate that migraine to everything else but to jinn possession. Other examples of what we have just mentioned include being sad for no reason, severe wiswasa ( whispering thoughts) not wanting to be in the house, an unusual love of solitude and dislike of being in the company of people, sleeplessness or insomnia and constantly being agitated.
Some possession can also be confused with other factual afflictions mentioned in the Quran and the sunnah primarily the eye (or what is generally called the evil eye in English) because one doesn’t necessarily have to be possessed to be afflicted with the eye you can be afflicted with the eye alone without the presence of a jinn attached to it, the same maybe said for sihrr (Magic) attachment to a jinn doesn’t always come when being afflicted with shirr. Being afflicted with the eye alone can make a man collapse to the ground without being possessed by a jinn the same maybe said for shirr affliction which can also render and human incapable of mobility without being possessed by a jinn which is the most common cause in respect of medically unexplained relevant conditions but that is a subject we will discuss another time as the subject of focus is jinn possession and its types.
Jinn possession can also be mistaken for a physical illness for the two have many striking similarities in appearance. We can also say the same for physiological and nerve disorders as jinn possession also bare striking resemblances to these two conditions a kind of camouflage on the part of the jinn if you will, which is the art of concealing something foreign in a natural environment undetectable by visual and conventional means and exposed only to the trained eye and by using specialised means in this case namely the Quran which also eliminates mistakes being made in the opposite direction.
Treatment for jinn possession doesn’t necessarily coincide comply with standard medical procedures treatment when it does work it only does so because the jinn would by playing a trick for example; we have mentioned that a persistant and unexplained migraine is a symptom of jinn possession. Person who is unaware that he/she is possessed and unaware of the symptoms would treat the persistant migraine with conventional medicines such as paracetamol the jinn within would then inturn cease in inflicting the migraine like pain once the paracetamol is taken only to carry on some hours later the reason being so that the individual its possessing can carry on taking the convential medicine in order for him/her to become reliant on it and think it’s nothing but a minor ailment which can be treated by such conventional medicines this being so that it would not occur to the individual that it is anything but that and the possibility of a jinn being the cause of this would not cross his or her mind. This is standard practice for a jinn to conceal itself in a human host make it appear as though it’s something else. A diversionary tactic if you will. this is a big statement to make in logical terms but if one were to look carefully and investigate you will find many serious examples of such, like a cancerous lump appearing in the womb of a woman who would intern have her womb removed because of the threat of terminal illness only for the lump to reappear some time later in the very same place of which medical professionals would have no explanation. This has been proven to be a trait of the jinn to cause such diversions this is not to say that all jinn have such ability to cause such tumours but some jinn do and can cause cancer.
If you recall the examples we have given from the other articles that we have mentioned if a jinn that is obsessed with a married woman and does not want her to bare any children with her husband it can cause corruption within her reproductive organs to stop conception by either squeezing the fallopian tubes or blocking the cervix to prevent sperm entering or by even attacking the male sperm and killing them or even causing a miscarriage if conception actually succeeds all these are actual signs of jinn possession.
This issue may be discussed in much more detail, but what we have said here is sufficient for those who want to know a little about this matter, Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds