Alruqya Hijama Associates

It is with great pleasure and joy that we announce to you our new and exciting membership scheme – Alruqya Hijama Associates.

This unique membership is a fantastic and innovative scheme developed to establish confident and successful Hijama Practitioners in delivering a distinguished professional service to benefit communities across the UK.

If you are a Practitioner passionate about Hijama Therapy and want to further your Professional Development, by seeking to market and enhance your skills & practice in the field of Hijama, then Alruqya Hijama Associates was created for people like you!

JOIN NOW for FREE (limited time only) and gain access to numerous benefits & opportunities to market, network and attain valuable knowledge as well as career resources that will help you grow and advance as a competent Hijama Practitioner.

Benefits & Opportunities

Become an Associate and gain access to an Exclusive Directory and reach out to a wider community by having your Hijama services promoted & advertised for FREE, online and on our app. Plus networking opportunities with fellow Hijama Associates gives you the advantage to gain and share expertise & good practice for continuous support and development.

Knowledge & Courses

We offer Versatile and insightful courses & training designed specially for Alruqya Hijama Associates that aims to pave the way to valuable knowledge, confidence and success.

From our 3-day Higher National Diploma in Hijama to the Flexible Fast Track Course for busy individuals and Refresher Courses to brush up on cupping techniques and help boost confidence. Our courses are always tailored to accommodate and meet the different needs of our Associates.

So whether you are a qualified Hijama Practitioner looking to further advance your skills and knowledge, or you are an unqualified Therapist wanting to gain certification. Then at Alruqya Hijama Associates we have the right courses for you!

You will have access to Courses not only centred on Hijama but also have the added benefit and opportunity to gain knowledge in the field of Herbal Remedies, Prophetic Medicine and Ruqya Treatment.

This variety of structured courses will help deepen your understanding and enable you to deliver a highly proficient and holistic service to a broader scope of patients. Thus ‘Providing Effective Treatment & Support to the wider community.

So join Alruqya Hijama Associates now and learn from amongst the highly experienced and competent teachers in the field.

*(Please Note all our teachings are in accordance to the Quran and Sunnah.)

Career Resources & Professional Development

At Alruqya Hijama Associates we understand the importance of progression and growth for Hijama Practitioners. Hence, as a member and associate, our unique scheme will aim to assist you in this fundamental process by offering you excellent career resources and professional development opportunities.

And as part of this aim we have already supported and help certify many individuals in becoming fully qualified Hijama Practitioners in the UK and we continue to do the same and more for all our Associates.

For the smooth running of your Hijama service, our collection of resources includes templates for patient assessment forms, Treatment Session Plans, The Hijama Handbook as well as high quality Hijama equipment supplies and Alruqya Herbal Products & Natural Remedies, all at special discounted prices.

However it does not end here. Our most exciting opportunity offered exclusively to our Associates, is in becoming a successfully trained Alruqya Hijama Course Instructor. As an instructor you will be able teach anywhere across UK and earn up to £1500 per course.

The Alruqya Hijama Associates Scheme is by far an amazing opportunity for dedicated and passionate Hijama Practitioners to excel in the field of Hijama Therapy.