Ruqya Courses

Ruqya Courses

Ruqya courses

Al Ruqya Healing is pleased to present a selection of Ruqya courses that are exclusive/specialised and high in content, giving you access to a selection of modules which will include the basics of Ruqya through Qur’an and Sunnah as well as in depth knowledge on diagnosing and distinguishing multiple types of spiritual inflictions and other ailments.

These courses are for practitioners of self Ruqya, as well as a platform to enhance the Hijama Therapists and Raqis equally in the expertise of advising their patients as well as giving them deeper understanding of the different symptoms and signs of ayn, hasd and waswasa. Providing them with effective information and tools on how to help patients gain self control, differentiating between evil eye and magic, thus equipping the patient with the right information and helping the Hijama Therapist and Raqi improve their practice.

Our courses are taught by well established tutors that have been working in the field of Ruqya for many years.

Ruqya workshops

Al Ruqya Healing’s ethos is to empower people, helping them to take charge of their lives. We are continuously looking into innovative ways to help further enhance and benefit our students with new and current information. Our workshops provide a unique opportunity for existing patients, Raqis and those that want to further their knowledge in Ruqya.

You will have first hand training from our facilitators that have a wealth of knowledge to share from their many years of experience.

We will help draw practical benefits from whatever you learn. Giving an opportunity for the inflicted to share their experiences, as well as helping people express their feelings, clear up any confusions and misconceptions and engaging the participants in case study discussions.

Our goal is to open further avenues through these workshops, opening up many doors which will include valuable knowledge on how to best use Ruqya as a form of Dawah and acquiring knowledge on specialist herbs that have been researched for many years and sourced from the best resources, and many many more exciting opportunities Bi’ithnillah.

Course is broken into 8 Categories:

1 – Hasad:

1. Meaning of Envy | 2. Evidence of Hasad From the Quran | 3. Evidence of Hasad from the Sunnah | 4. Reasons of Envy | 5. Categories of Hasad |

6. Ability of the Evil Eye from the Jinn and Envy

2 – Proof of Hasad and Ayn:

a) Chapter – ayn is a fact | b) ayn is from the decree | c) washing from the person who gave the ayn

3 – Treatment of Envy:

a) Protection from Envy | b) Treating the envied

4 – Sihr/Black magic:

a) Meaning of sihr | b) Hadith of the Bewitchment of the Prophet (saw) | c) Is sihr a realty or a myth? | d) Different Categories of Sihr | e) Prevention from being with the Spouse | f) Correct Treatment for being blocked from spouse | Difference between a Prophet, friend of Allah and a Magician | g) showing disbelief of the magician | h) Teaching Sihr and Learning it

5 – Understanding Demonic Possession and the Reasons for it:

1)Proof and evidence of demonic possession | 2) Categories of Jinn Possession | 3) Symptoms of Jinn Possession | 4) Protection from jinn possession

6 – Treatment Someone who has Sihr and Jinn Possession

1) How to treat sihr with jinn possesion | 2) How to treat to jinn possession (only)

7 – Treatment with Ruqya Shari’ah

1) Legalisation of Ruqya | 2) Ruqya Recommened by the Prophet (saw) | 3) Conditions for ruqya | 4) Recommendation Ruqya for the Sick (recommended to perform ruqya for the sick) | 5) Ruqya of the Prophet (saw) | 6) Legalisation of Blowing or spitting with the muwaddatain and surah Fatiha | 7) Prohibtioon of ruqya that contains Shirk & Innovation | 8) Abandon Ruqya and Reliance

8 – Legal Protection

1) Protection of the house from Shaytan | 2) How to abolish shaytan from the house