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Sidr oil is very beneficial in curing sihr especially issues to related to male impotency. Imaam Ibn Hajar may Allaah have mercy upon him reported in his book Al-Fath from Wahb Ibn Munaabbih may Allaah have mercy upon him the way of using Sidr leaves (Lotus jujube) as a remedy to be rid of bewitchment. He said, “One should take seven leaves of green Lotus jujube, grind them between two stones, put the stones and the leaves in some water, then take out the two stones. Having done so, he should recite the verse of the Kursi (Chair) [Quran 2:255] and the last three chapters of the Quran [Quran 112,113,114]”

Following this, he should drink three sips of that water and shower with it and by the permission of Allaah, everything that he was afflicted with will be gone.

Instruction for use: Simply apply to affected areas or any areas where there is pain

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