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Unlike other sidr leaves you can get, these sidr leaves are wild, organic and grown naturally without traditional farm practises.

Sidr is very beneficial in curing sihr especially issues to related to male impotency. Imaam Ibn Hajar may Allaah have mercy upon him reported in his book Al-Fath from Wahb Ibn Munaabbih may Allaah have mercy upon him the way of using Sidr leaves (Lotus jujube) as a remedy to be rid of bewitchment. He said, “One should take seven leaves of green Lotus jujube, grind them between two stones, put the stones and the leaves in some water, then take out the two stones. Having done so, he should recite the verse of the Kursi (Chair) [Quran 2:255] and the last three chapters of the Quran [Quran 112,113,114]”

Al-Lalkaii said that Mohamed ibn Othman related that Said bin Mohamed Al-Hanat stated: ”Ishaq ibn Abi Israel said ‘ I heard Sufyan says that Sulayman ibn Omaya (Sheikhh of Thaqif) ibn Masoud heard Aisha advise a woman to use Sidr and water to wash the traces of magic (Sharh Usul Itiqad Ahl Al-Sunah wa Al-Jamaa -7/1288). His Honor, Sheikhh Abdulaziz bin Abdullah bin Baz, (May Allah have Mercy on Him) said that the cure of magic after its affliction is beneficial, Allah Willing.

However, its benefit is not only confined to men who cannot have intercourse with his wives, but also includes those afflicted with epilepsy, evil eye and magic in general (used for washing only).

Instructions for use: Grind seven leaves and place the leaves in a bucket of ruqyah water.

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