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Herbal Tea with Liquorice and senna

Senna was mentioned in the prophetic medicine. “In senna and sanoot is a cure for every disease except death”. Sanoot is combined with senna al makki to extract magic substances in the colon. The senna & sanoot should be taken on an empty stomach in the morning. The tea can be sweetened with honey and the programme should be continued for 12 days.

Please note:- if the patient has pains in the stomach and constipation and has been diagnosed with sihr this medicine is highly advisable to take.

A mixture of various herbs with senna-al-makki (senna from Makkah) and licorice root.  Helps a patient expel magic from the stomach by attacking the sihr (magic) inside the stomach and causing a strong laxative effect whereby magic is cleansed from the intestines and stomach wall.  Also helps people lose weight. 



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