EMPOWERING YOU - We understand that with the correct knowledge and tools, you will be able to follow an effective treatment plan suitably designed to tackle your symptoms by the permission of Allah. ALRUQYA'S OFFICIAL "RUQYA HEALING GUIDE APP" brings to your fingertips just that. This user-friendly App aims to equip you with the best possible features and guidance needed to serve as an easy to follow, personal Ruqya Guide, all in accordance to the Qur'an and Sunnah. We understand that many struggle to follow a Ruqya plan, therefore as a result we have created this App to help motivate people to complete their Self Ruqya on a daily basis in an effective way. To learn more about the main features of the App, please go to the ‘Articles’ Section at the top of the page. THE APP IS AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY & THE iTUNES APP STORE.

2. The Taweez Project Taweez Awareness Series

The Taweez Project Taweez Awareness Series

3. The Taweez Project Series  - How to destroy Your Taweez

Alruqua Healing in London Presents - How to destroy Your Taweez

4. The Taweez Project - Taweez Awareness Series - Dangers of Taweez - What is really inside?

The Taweez Project - Taweez Awareness Series - Dangers of Taweez/Amulets - What is really inside?

5. Alruqua Healing - Ruqya Plan

Alruqua Healing - Ruqya Plan - To Remove Witchcraft And BlackMagic Jinn Evil eye

6. Jinns & Black Magic - By Abu Nadeer

Abu Nadeer discusses the issue of Jinn, Black Magic and the use of Taweez within the Muslim Ummah. Specifically highlighting a new initiative called the which aims to educate Muslims, expose the realty of Taweez and inspire the ummah to take the #TaweezChallenge.

7. Black Magic in London

A Case of Black Magic in London.

8. Real Life - Black Magic in London

Real Life - Black Magic in London

9. An interview with an afflicted patient

This is a very delicate case where a family are involved in Sihr (Black Magic) and the therapist can very easily give the wrong advice if not careful and experienced.

10. The Heartless Magician

This is a case of a 10 year old boy who had sihr (Black Magic) done to him by his uncle so that he can love him as a father and therefore be able to marry his mother.

This young boy has been possessed by Jinn a multiple of times, and the by the permission of Allah (SWT), many have left.